About Cork Migrant Centre

The Cork Migrant Centre (CMC), is a local Charity in Cork which was established by the Presentation Sisters in 2006, to provide free, confidential and current information on access to services and immigration issues. The Centre is committed to advocating on behalf of migrant children, families, and communities, and to ensure they have access to the services and supports they need to alleviate the day to day challenges and provide them the best possible opportunities to empower them individually and collectively.  

CMC is engaged in creating safe spaces for asylum seeking children, youth and mothers in Cork and its Environs. CMC utilizes a strength-based approach whereby migrant individuals, children and families’ knowledge, skills and experience are acknowledged through participatory working methods. CMC understands that every community inclusive of migrant communities’ are experts in their own lives, and have an un-matched understanding of the needs of their children, families and communities. A guiding principle of CMC’s work is to facilitate organically developed programs tailored to reflect the context of the families and community of clients and targeted at mitigating psychosocial risk factors that may render them vulnerable to psychological distress which would require more intense psychological interventions.   

Collaboration and partnerships with service users, other stakeholders (Nationally and Internationally) and academic institutions are key to CMC’s work with the aim of maintaining best work practices, capacity building and delivering evidence-based interventions.