About Cork Migrant Centre

The Cork Migrant Centre

The Cork Migrant Centre (CMC), is based at Nano Nagle Place in Cork City. It was established by the Presentation Sisters in 2006. The Presentation Sisters were founded by Nano Nagle in the late 18th Century. Nano’s mission was one of education and social justice for the most disadvantaged young people in Cork. The Presentation Sisters have carried that legacy forward both in Ireland and across the world. Today, the work at Nano Nagle Place aims to tell Nano’s incredible and inspirational life story and to bring that alive in the 21st Century. This is done through its Community Hub.

Cork Migrant Centre is based in this community hub and provides free, confidential and current information on access to services and immigration issues. The Centre is committed to advocating on behalf of migrant children, families, and communities, and to ensure they have access to the services and supports they need to alleviate the day to day challenges and provide them the best possible opportunities to empower them individually and collectively.

Contact info

Naomi is the Programme Coordinator – contact her on (086) 013 7616 or naomi@nanonagleplace.ie
Fionnuala is the Assistant Programme Coordinator – contact her on (086) 138 2140 or fionnuala@nanonagleplace.ie

More contact information can be found on Nano Nagle Place website: Contact – Nano Nagle Place

    You can contact the office 9.00 - 17.00 Monday to Friday via (021) 4193587 or (086) 0137616 for general queries about our services

    Contact us to find out how to become a sponsor: Tel: 086 0137616 | Email: corkmigrantcentre@gmail.com