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Intern Blog #1 Shabeena

Hi, my name is Shabeena, and I am a third-year student studying International Development at University College Cork. I  am currently doing my work placement at Cork Migrant Centre at Nano Nagle Place. In the near future, I hope to continue my education by pursuing a Master’s in Human Rights and Public Policy at UCC.

Some of the reasons why I chose to work at Cork Migrant Centre was because throughout my studies I have gained a keen interest in the topic of migration and how it massively affects the lives of people. Because of this, I grew very passionate and intrigued with helping people who are currently living in direct provision centres in Ireland. I also decided to work at CMC because many of my friends and lecturers recommended me to work at CMC, as they believed that this organisation would provide me with the best set of practical skills and knowledge that is available within the field of this topic.

Two months into my placement, I learned that CMC is a very dedicated and very diligent organisation that works effortlessly to provide support and aid to migrant families. Their work helps to bring happiness and hope to the many migrant families that live in direct provision centres in Cork. So far in my work placement, I have learned how providing a small number of resources can massively change the livelihood of migrant people for the better. For these reasons, I am very happy that I chose CMC as my work placement because of the meaningful work they carry out to help engage migrant families in the community. I am very excited and grateful to be given the opportunity to be part of this amazing organisation. My first impression of Cork Migrant Centre was that it was a very warm and friendly environment where everyone is welcome no matter who they are.

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